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Since his teenage years, he developed a personal iconography made up of visual art–Max Ernst, Paul McCarthy and Damien Hirst–, music culture–Prince, Madonna and Depeche Mode–, Greek mythology, the aesthetics of the 90´s club scene, and The Face Magazine: These are the major sources of inspiration for the creation of Apostolos Mitropoulos’ clothes and fabrics, which he refines by a unique approach that deconstructs aestheticism and insists on being playful and humorous. His vision is “to make people wearing my clothes happy” and his motto reads “fashion shouldn´t be taken seriously. It is a joke”.


He loves slogans that are clear-cut and carry a message, even if it is put across with humour or cynicism. His favourite is “Fashion has changed”. Fashion has indeed changed significantly, and Apostolos Mitropoulos is now focusing through www.apostolosm.com on creating basic, everyday clothing products and small articles that are truthful to his unique temperament and his sources of inspiration. Hoodies, t-shirts, hats, socks, jewelry and other objects make up a collection that epitomises urban culture in Apostolos’ unique way. His objects are available only online at www.apostolosm.com.


Apostolos Mitropoulos is the creator of the distinguishing MinnieInHeels trademark logo, an inspiration by Joan Crawford in Mildred Pierce. At the start of his career, he earned international recognition. In 2001, he was already showing at the Carousel du Louvre in Paris. He collaborated closely with Patricia Field and sold his pieces in her iconic shop in New York, as well as in pop up store in Mykonos, and in Dover Street Market. His pieces hang in the wardrobes of celebrities in Greece and abroad, including Miley Cyrus, Debi Mazar and Paris Hilton.